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Andrew Lost series July 19, 2010

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A quote from the Washington Post best describes the Andrew Lost series, “Andrew Lost books are gross and disgusting. That’s why we like them.”

We listened to books #1-4 On the Dog, In the Bathroom, In the Kitchen, and In the Garden, driving home from Michigan.  Usually I enjoy listening to the kids’ books on CD. This time the gross factor had me turning the volume on only in the back of the van and still having to go “la, la, la” to block out a few things I could still hear. My son LOVED the books. Gross and interesting is right up a rising third grader’s alley.

I had bought the first book in the series for him at the end of the school year in my never-ending quest to find “early reader/easy reader” series to hook him. He suffers from wanting to pick books to read “to himself” that are WAY too difficult for him (A common problem for parents). I want him to pick Capital Mysteries #1 Who Cloned the President by Ron Roy, because it’s at his level for being able to read successfully on his own, and he wants me to buy Guardians of Gahoole: The Capture by Kathryn Lasky because he saw a movie preview for a movie based on the series.

Capital Mysteries printed by Random House for Young Readers. It’s considered a “Stepping Stone” book.

Guardians of Gahoole– for grades 4 to 8, or 5th to 8th, depending on the source.

Needless to say, neither of us left happy, but with a compromise that his sister helped me find for him. Since he hadn’t read On the Dog on his own, I though maybe listening to it would be enough of a hook to get him to continue reading the series this summer. We will see….


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