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Pre-order Drama-Amazon Let Us Down! August 24, 2010

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Me:Why hasn’t Mockingjay arrived? I pre-ordered it in April and now am told it’s not coming for 3 days! Grr Hello?

Kristina:Hello my name is Kris. I would be happy to help you.

Me:Hi Kris, I was expecting Mockingjay to be delivered today as this was the release day and I had pre-ordered it.

Kristina:Let me take a look at it for you.

Me:When I have pre-ordered in the past highly anticipated books (example-Harry Potter, it always arrived that day.

Kristina:It looks like when you placed that order you selected our free super saver shipping. So it shipped out today, but it’s going to take 5-9 business days for it to actually arrive.

Me:That was not the case with Harry Potter #7-I just pulled that order

Kristina:Just one minute while I take a look at that. Do you have the last four digits of that order?


Kristina:Thank you. I’m sorry I’m not seeing that order. What’s the full order number?

Me: ***-*******-***1643 preordered in February mailed July 19 for July 21 release day Had it before noon

Kristina:I’m sorry about that. I don’t see that order here. Sometimes we are able to get the orders there in a couple of days with super saver shipping, but it can take up to 9 business days for it to get there.

Me:I will be blogging my complaint later this evening. I’m a big Amazon fan and know this is not your personal fault but I am not happy Amazon should have communicated that they were going to do this pre-release differently. I would have ordered it from the bookstore that is two blocks away from me instead of pre-ordering on Amazon.


2 Responses to “Pre-order Drama-Amazon Let Us Down!”

  1. Tena Says:

    Ugh… thank you for voicing my every opinion. I was SO disappointed, and more than that, I thought I was going to have a riot at school!!! I’m thankful that I have it on my Kindle, but my students are the ones suffering. They have waited for so long! I’m furious with!!!!!

  2. Christina564 Says:

    Same scenario here! I’m so disappointed in Amazon for not delivering!! I will never pre-order from them again. I saw Mockingjay in the stores EVERYWHERE, but walked right on past because I just couldn’t justify spending the additional money since I already have one COMING!!! Grrrr!! So…I’ve yet to read it.

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