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What’s Keeping Me From Blogging September 19, 2010

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Levy Meetings replaced Curriculum Night meetings

Work replaces work. Enough Said. I can’t imagine every working anywhere but in a school.

Levy Sub-committee Meetings

Graduate Classes-Community Relations and Building Consensus-Good timing with the above meetings.

Field Hockey practices and games. The “hardly any away games” thing hasn’t really held true this year.

Flag Football practices and games. Testosterone and losing football games is a new phenomenon to me as a mom, but brings back bad flashbacks of childhood with two younger brothers.

Sleeping: without dreaming; or Sleeping with middle of the night waking

Things I’m looking forward to:

Starting a new book club book for my grown-up book club. Notice I say grown-up rather than “adult”. Taking no chances there. We meet in September and select a year’s worth of books. On tap: ¬†Marcello in the Real World as our Young Adult pick and coming up quickly, The Magicians by Lev Grossman.

Getting together with my Central Ohio KidLit Blogging friends. We are going to see Michael Grant (Gone, Hunger, Lies, and now Magnificent Twelve–LOVE HIM!). As I just started running his books through my head and trying to picture where they are in my house or office, I just remembered he is married to the fabulous K. A. Applegate. It’s probably too much to hope that she’ll be touring with him, but I’m going to bring Home of the Brave, Buffalo Storm, and Roscoe Riley books with me (Just In Case!).