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Still blogging in my head October 8, 2010

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It makes me a little sad to realize that I’m approaching the 20th day without blogging. I think that’s a record for me. And not a good record. I’m currently procrastinating completing an assignment due in my class tomorrow where I have been given the scenario of being the superintendent of a district with a task of developing a presentation on ‘The State of the District’ for parents and citizens. It is to kick-off the district’s comprehensive public relations plan for the upcoming year and to gather support for an upcoming levy.

In the scenario, the superintendent is also faced with substandard test scores, teacher salaries higher than the district population salaries, the levy has already failed twice, and other issues.

Not a bad assignment, not too difficult BUT as I live the levy campaign of my own district on a daily basis, the idea of trying to make my mind think about preparing materials for an imaginary levy is a little frustrating.

So, I’m blogging. I picked up You by Charles Benoit at the library last night, needing to take an hour to lose myself in reading something non-job related. Finished it.

Great cover art, great quotes from authors I recognize and admire. Great first sentence. Disappointed. sad


Picked up the audiobook of The Cardturner by Louis Sachar to listen to on the way to class and back tomorrow. Hoping it’s a good audiobook and story.


Sad because I will be in class instead of going to NCTE in Orlando. Not a good trade-off, but a necessary one. Still dreaming of being able to attend the ALAN part of the conference. Airfare a little daunting.

Feel like I really, really need to have a break for a weekend. Cancelled my summer vacation due to all the chaos that was going on in my school district. Either working or in class each Saturday. Okay, now I’m approaching the land of pity party, time to go do that assignment.


2 Responses to “Still blogging in my head”

  1. rlgibson Says:

    Have you ever been to the Buckeye Book Fair in Wooster? Nov 6 — are in you in class??? don’t know if I can make it happen . . . but it looks fun!

    • bestbookihavenotread Says:

      I don’t!! It’s one of the weekends I have things due, but don’t have to travel to class. I think I owe myself a book event after having to miss my Central Ohio KidLit Blogger Get-together and having a conflict for both the Teachers College Saturday Reunion AND NCTE! I’m going to go look it up….

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