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Jane by April Linder October 18, 2010

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Jane by April Linder

Young Adult

poppy a new imprint of Little, Brown (at least it’s new to me)

October 10, 2010

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Having never read Jane Eyre myself, I found the idea of reading a modern version of the old classic intriguing. I thought I might even be inspired to read the original. I found the cover mysterious and dramatic and stood in the bookstore in front of Jane, trying to pull  up TeaCozy on my IPhone to see if this was the book I remembered her reviewing. Sure enough.    Sold.

While I have nothing against classics, I am not naturally drawn to them at this point in my life. I have too much reading that I WANT to do, to take time for something I’m not highly interested. I also have reading that I HAVE to do-for my job, for my classes, etc. I have certain classics from high school and college that I am very loyal to, but I have to admit that even though my adult book club always selects one classic a year, I always know I am going to skip it.

On the other hand, I LOVE remakes or references to the classics. Mr. Pip by Lloyd Jones completely made me want to go back and reread Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Just Ella is a fabulous Cinderella story.

Jane Moore, a student in college at Sarah Lawrence University, has to drop out after her parents’ death. Estranged from her sister and brother, Jane sets out to find a job. She applies to Discriminatring Nannies, Inc. and ends up with an unorthdox assignment. Nico Rathburn, a rock star with a young daughter, almost runs down his new employee during their first encounter.

A few places there was a little too much teen angst, lovey/dovey stuff for my taste, but I’m sure the typical YA reader will love it.

The character of Rivers, loved by his sisters, was a little underdeveloped for my taste. I kept trying to decide if the author meant for the character to seem like he had Asperger’s Syndrome. Then I wondered if the original character was underdeveloped in the same way or if he had some of the same character traits.

The age difference didn’t really cross my mind until I read some other blog reviews. I was also not put off by the idea that Nico had kept his wife in the attic with home care to try to prevent her from being in an asylum. I thought him misguided, but know there are families that go above and beyond to keep their loved ones out asylums or nursing homes.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and now look forward to reading the REAL Jane Eyre, something I didn’t think I would find myself saying during this decade 🙂


One Response to “Jane by April Linder”

  1. Robin Says:

    Now I want to read this one! And when you read Jane Eyre, we can get together and talk about St. John & those other questions . . . 🙂

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