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I Didn’t Sit Down to Write a Blog Post… December 7, 2010

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I actually sat down to finish a job application. I’ve gotten through the easy parts of references, colleges attended, etc. and am down to the “Please give a candid description of yourself, stressing those assets and liabilities, which you feel characterize your work” part and ¬†“Statement of Educational Philosophy” part. You know, THOSE doozies! I’ve been looking at the questions off and on for a week now and running things through my mind. Trying to come up with a succinct statement that fits on a form and answers those two questions has not been as easy as I thought it would be. Then I realized that they were even LESS easy to write when I wasn’t actually putting pencil to paper (or¬†fingers to keyboard in this instance).

I had one of those “ah-ha” moments when I realized I needed to start looking over what I’ve written in the past couple years for this blog, look over my favorite professional books, and reflect back on what has made me the educator I am now, not the educator I was when I first entered education 18 years ago.