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2011 Plans January 3, 2011

This isn’t a 2011 plan, but I’m disappointed that I didn’t make my 100 book challenge last year. I do remind myself that I am in graduate school-completed 15 semester hours in last 6 months; I helped run successful school levy campaign-we won by 184 very hard-won votes; we had a major change in administration for the district-that’s never happened before at that magnitude; and me moved 11 months ago!

So, 2011, Bring! It! On!

I’m participating in the:

Debut Author Challenge 2011 over at Story Siren

Paul Henkin’s Centuriun Challenge at Facebook (read 111 books in 2011)

The Books I Should Have Read in School, but Didn’t Challenge is intriguing that Donalyn Miller is participating in, but as my own Book Club reads a classic every January that I traditionally bow out of to try to read more Newbery potentials, I’ll pass this time.


4 Responses to “2011 Plans”

  1. Tricia Says:

    I’m curious … how many books did you read in 2010? Do you count books on CD as “books read”? I’m sure you will put my 31 books read in 2010 to shame! And that number includes books on CD. And finally do you count the books you read with your kids and students? My total doesn’t include Sarah Plain and Tall that was read with Nick or the various other books read with or to the boys. Maybe I should surf the net less and I would have more time for my books!!! 🙂

    • bestbookihavenotread Says:

      I “read” 87 and yes I count audiobooks. I also count books I read with my kids and students. Those definitely count!

  2. Sam Caron Says:

    you have not read 87 books

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