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International School job search continues February 4, 2012

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Day 3 of Cambridge


Getting ready to leave the hotel for the first time since arrival. Thought I should see Harvard since I am in Cambridge. Those who know me know how I LOVE a college campus. Thrilling to me in a way that some people probably feel about roller coasters 🙂

I have written more personal handwritten notes in the past 36 hours than I have in the previous four years put together!

I have met some of the nicest people

      Donald, teaching in Costa Rica and looking for his next big adventure

      Julie so excited to have signed a contract to head to Qatar next year

     Lauralynn, hoping to return to international teaching after a couple years back in the state

Not to mention the cheerful, warm and encouraging senior Search Associates

Amazingly organized, especially considering that there are over 140 schools, more than 275 recruiters, and 500+ teachers/educators/administrators—keeping everything running like clock-work, keeping everybody happy can not be easy, yet they do it like it’s not difficult, all with a smile.

Yet completely:

exciting and fun

 and totally draining.

Whew, more later


One Response to “International School job search continues”

  1. Holly Michael Says:

    Kristine, are you looking for an international job or are you there for another purpose?

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