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One Sunday in Spring Time… By Maria in Dakar April 25, 2012

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There are no movie theaters or big grand malls or theme parks, but if you ask me if
there is anything to do in the Dakar – below is the detailed account of what I did last
Sunday, and loved every minute of it.

The temperature was perfect. It felt like OBX North Carolina in spring time. The
breeze was fresh, the sun was bright and the sky was perfect baby blue. Contrary
to my previous week’s note’s declaration that I would be running the marathon,
I didn’t. I stayed at home on Saturday, apart from a quick pizza at the Surf Shop
along Route les Almadies as we enjoy the view of the ocean, read books that
I’ve not had the chance to, and watched Modern Family like it was my job. So
cooped up the previous day, which I preferred, I decided to hit the road on Sunday!
I did not need to travel very far as everything was literally 2 minutes away.

We started at 10:30 am (It was a Sunday, obviously we slept in). My boys, husband
and child, hit the driving range at Hotel les Almadies. Never crowded, you are
guaranteed to get a spot most of the time. And if you are not a golfer and want to
learn, Levi – the golf pro – will be there to help. He also gives private lessons, and
could even take you to the course as your pro guide.

Since I am not a golfer, I went to the Nature SPA inside the hotel. Located below the hotel lobby reception on the right soon as you walk in, it is one of Dakar’s well kept secret (I find peace and tranquility when I visit – really!).
Heading towards the spa on a small ramp, you will find a little store of wellness treasures from candles, massage oils to perfume and scented products for home. These items come from France, and although a little pricey, they are guaranteed to be enjoyed. My first treatment was a mani-pedi. They do these treatments on a small porch facing the ocean, where you can relax and unwind whilst drinking a cup of tea on a comfortable lounge chair. That has already made my day. After that, I jumped straight into their ―Sportif‖ massage treatment. Like a tenderized meat, I was paper weight soon after.

Alas lunch time! Although we’ve discovered that Hotel Les Almadies is still doing Sunday Brunch buffet, which we marked for next time as it truly looked scrumptious, we all drove down to the boat stop for Ngor Island. We went to Maison de Italia, formerly Chez Carla, by boat, which was an experience by itself. Truly a paradise in Dakar! Someone even uttered that it felt like we were in the French Riviera, which I could not contest. It has a pier lined-up with lounge chairs, where you can relax and read a book and sun bathe (do not forget those sunscreens, though). We
had hearty meals of grilled seafood, huge fish and gambas, whilst my pasta lovers had Spaghetti Basil and Arrabi-
ata! As we wait for our meals, we played at a tide pool, which is perfect for a dip and playing for kids.

And of course, Ngor Island is perfect enough to explore by foot!

We made it back home at 5pm, having a mini-holiday just around the corner, which we didn’t need to drive or get stuck in traffic for – priceless! Try it sometime; it made us realize how amazing it is to be in Dakar this time of the year!