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Posy-the most beautiful picture book I’ve seen this year! January 3, 2009

posyI found Posy by Linda Newbery and Catherine Rayner when I was CTC yesterday and instantly fell in love with this beautiful picture book!  

She’s a…
whiskers wiper,
crayone swiper,
playful wrangler,
knitting tangler…
Not only did I need a copy, but I gifted one to my friend Carol. I was pleased as punch to be able to find a  gem for her for a change. (Very hard to do! The first book I had selected for Carol for Christmas had to go back and be replaced since it turned out she already had read it!) 
I absolutely love the illustrations by Catherine Rayner. It’s so easy to imagine how soft she would be to pet, her curly whiskers give a little peek to her personality, and she reminds me of all the reasons I convinced my soon-to-be-husband (1996) that I needed not one, but two kittens.
I love the big accessible font that will pull kids into the story. Even the jacket flap is written in a font meant to read by kids. 
kitten Posy
as she
and bounces 
through her 
filled day. 

It’s easy to imagine what you could do with older elementary or intermediate students just using the text.  Each page has an engaging illustration and a two words…


A New Christmas book to add to our family collection December 11, 2008

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christmas-farmChristmas Farm, by Mary Lyn Ray, is a charming new addition to our family Christmas book collection. I’ve added to the holiday collection each year since my children were born. We start reading our collection December 1st and continue through the holiday. 

Christmas Farm was given to me by my dear friend and literacy guru, Carol.

It is the story of Wilma and Parker, the young boy next door, and the Christmas trees that they nurse from seedlings through the years. Eventually they sold five-hundred and sixty-six Christmas trees.

The author’s choice of words are so poetic and beautiful. There is also references to counting by dozens (something many children have trouble with) so I could see using it to springboard a math lesson as well. 

“The young trees work with the spring, and again Wilma and Parker weeded around them, and Parker told them things. Now that he was six, he knew even more than when he was five.” 

“On summer nights, brown moths fluttered among the trees, fireflies flickered above them, and whip-poor-wills called across the darkness.”

The illustrations are as beautiful as the words! This is a must for a holiday book collection. A great gift for children, families, or lovers of books.  


StoryPeople flood relief September 1, 2008

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StoryPeople “Deep Roots”

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I love StoryPeople. They are a little odd, but have such a deep message that is yet so simple at the same time. 


Deep Roots

When I die,

she said,

I’m coming back

as a tree




and I’ll

wave my

leaves at

the children

every morning

on their way to 

school & whisper tree songs 

at night in

their dreams. Trees with 

deep roots know

about the things

that children need.


This is my favorite of Brian Andreas’s work. I found it in a local store the week after my favorite aunt passed away suddenly last year from a brain aneurysm. Two months before she died she had delivered a toast at her son’s wedding that referred to deep roots and wings. I think I was meant to find this piece of art. I also bought it for my cousin.