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Support Your Local Library Challenge January 25, 2012

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This is a challenge my husband supports 100%. It means not so many boxes from Amazon and trips to local book stores. I do love that I can get onto the library’s on-line catalog when I see a new book that interests me and have it waiting for me at the front desk next time I arrive. It’s already saved me a ton this past month!


2011 Plans January 3, 2011

This isn’t a 2011 plan, but I’m disappointed that I didn’t make my 100 book challenge last year. I do remind myself that I am in graduate school-completed 15 semester hours in last 6 months; I helped run successful school levy campaign-we won by 184 very hard-won votes; we had a major change in administration for the district-that’s never happened before at that magnitude; and me moved 11 months ago!

So, 2011, Bring! It! On!

I’m participating in the:

Debut Author Challenge 2011 over at Story Siren

Paul Henkin’s Centuriun Challenge at Facebook (read 111 books in 2011)

The Books I Should Have Read in School, but Didn’t Challenge is intriguing that Donalyn Miller is participating in, but as my own Book Club reads a classic every January that I traditionally bow out of to try to read more Newbery potentials, I’ll pass this time.