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Posy-the most beautiful picture book I’ve seen this year! January 3, 2009

posyI found Posy by Linda Newbery and Catherine Rayner when I was CTC yesterday and instantly fell in love with this beautiful picture book!  

She’s a…
whiskers wiper,
crayone swiper,
playful wrangler,
knitting tangler…
Not only did I need a copy, but I gifted one to my friend Carol. I was pleased as punch to be able to find a  gem for her for a change. (Very hard to do! The first book I had selected for Carol for Christmas had to go back and be replaced since it turned out she already had read it!) 
I absolutely love the illustrations by Catherine Rayner. It’s so easy to imagine how soft she would be to pet, her curly whiskers give a little peek to her personality, and she reminds me of all the reasons I convinced my soon-to-be-husband (1996) that I needed not one, but two kittens.
I love the big accessible font that will pull kids into the story. Even the jacket flap is written in a font meant to read by kids. 
kitten Posy
as she
and bounces 
through her 
filled day. 

It’s easy to imagine what you could do with older elementary or intermediate students just using the text.  Each page has an engaging illustration and a two words…


Who Is Jenna Fox? November 30, 2008

jenna-fox3I started reading The Adoration of Jenna Fox on the way home from NCTE after getting a copy autographed by Mary Pearson.


I had read several great reviews of the book including: Jen Robinson’s, Semicolon, The Ya,Ya, Yas,  The Well-Read Child, and The Reading Zone.  

Pam, Dana and I had plotted to have our own GMS “Finer Things” Club at lunch (a reference to the show The Office) and Th Adoration of Jenna Fox was to be our first topic. Their books are in UPS boxes on the way from Texas. My copy was in my possession and they didn’t want me to read it early and spoil the club. (Just like teachers-now don’t read ahead!)

I’m betting they haven’t had a chance to check my blog this holiday week, but now that I am done with Breaking Dawn, I’m back to reading Jenna Fox again.  Don’t tell them. I don’t think it will diminish the fun of talking about the book. It is fabulous, mysterious, and thought-provoking. 

A discussion guide for the book was being handed out at NCTE as well and referenced the following:  Who is Jenna Fox? website. It has a book trailer, an e-mail time capsule, down-loadable extras.

Here is the book trailer.


3rd Annual Gifts for Literacy Geeks November 28, 2008

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If you have not discovered Choice Literacy yet, you need to! Their banner page lists the following information:


Are you looking for the “how” of literacy leadership, written by colleagues who are just as smart, funny, and passionate about teaching reading and writing as you are? 

Welcome! You’ve found Choice Literacy, the home on the web for K-12 literacy leaders.

We are literacy coaches, teachers, and school leaders with experience in dozens of diverse classrooms. This site presents the best of the tools, guides, literacy lessons, and sage advice we’ve gathered and tucked away as we’ve worked together over the years. 

A paid membership at Choice Literacy provides you with access to over 300 site features, including:


  • Workshop protocols for leading study groups, in-services, and workshops
  • Sample observation forms and needs assessment surveys
  • Professional quality video examples of best literacy practices from classrooms throughout the country
  • The newest writing from top authors in the field
  • Short, focused articles for use in workshop discussions and mentoring meetings
  • Year-long calendars and plans for leading new teacher initiatives
  • Themed booklists for content and genre study

Over 20 new resources are added each month, with member updates weekly through our free e-newsletter, The Big Fresh. All in an ad-free environment – no hype, and no sales pitches for expensive literacy programs you don’t want or need.

The premise of Choice Literacy is simple – K-12 literacy leaders like you need instant access to short, practical, and smart resources as you work with colleagues and students. And you don’t have a fortune to spend, which is why our quarterly or annual membership options are so affordable. You can get a better sense of the range of our offerings by clicking here and browsing through our free samples

If you want a weekly update of innovative literacy advice delivered to you, take a moment to sign up for our free weekly e-newsletter of tools, tips, and strategies for literacy leaders, The Big Fresh:



Brenda Powers presented at NCTE with Lucy Calkins in a wonderful workshop about literacy and literacy coaching. I love the free newsletter that Choice Literacy sends out, but the monthly cost is SO reasonable for what you receive. 

This week’s newsletter focuses on Gifts for Literacy Geeks (I define myself in this category!). I love thebookbirdhousebirdhouses made from old children’s books!