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Readers Think and Talk to Grow Ideas June 12, 2009

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  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1   

Retelling – 157-161

p. 160   

Readers i.d. the setting when they recall

p. 160 Readers follow the events of the story when they retell p. 160   

Readers know how to balance details when they retell

p. 160 Readers Use Time Words When they retell p. 160 Readers Retell with expression
Week 2   


p. 160   

Readers Use text evidence to clarify, confirm, or revise the retelling

p. 160   


Partners read together and retell

p. 160   


One partner retells, then both read together to confirm

p. 161   


Partners take turns retelling

p. 161   


Partners help each other retell.

Week 3   


Readers Have Thoughts as They Read

p. 168   

Readers react and talk back to the text

p. 170   

Readers notice when they get a feeling as they read

p. 170 Readers make predictions as they read p. 170 Readers try to picture what is going on in the story p. 170 Readers Pay attention to when they are confused   


Weeks  4 p. 170 Readers question things that happen or characters do p. 170 Answers to readers’ questions come from the book or readers themselves Envisioning   

p. 171-173

Readers predict by making pictures in their minds

p. 172 Readers also hear it, smell it, taste it, and fee it (as well as seeing it) p. 172   

Readers envision characters settings and actions in the story

Week 5 p. 172   

Readers envision “between the pictures” scenes.

Predicting 173-175   

Readers stay involved in the story by predicting

p. 175 Readers predict by making pictures in their minds p. 175 Readers use what they know about the text to make good predictions p. 175 Readers use what they know about the story and about life to make good predictions.

Growing Readers-Kathy Collins, Readers Think and Talk About Book to Grow Ideas

Use our comprehension strategy cards as visuals (Celebration Press-Pearson)


Launching Reading Workshop in Kindergarten June 10, 2009


Growing Readers by Kathy Collins

Readers Build Good Habits!            


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1

Good Habits

p. 61

Strong Readers read everyday-p. 61 Assign Homework-best place at home to read p. 61 Strong Readers Share and *Class Book Favorite Places Turn & Talk p. 61

Strong Readers Talk and Think about books with people

Strong Readers Read Everything in Sight p. 62

*Our World (Environmental Print)

Strong Readers Take Care of Books and Protect Reading Time p. 62-63

photo-care of books p. 63

Week 2

Reading Identities

 pp. 76-77

Explaining favorite book homework

p. 68

1st Favorite Book-share

*Class favorite books book

Sketch favorite reading memory

p. 71

*class reading memory

Reading baskets varied levels & Genre

p. 71

Take pictures during reading workshop to demo

Reading baskets varied levels and genres

Week 3

Readers Take Care of Classroom Libraries

p. 77


Putting books away

p. 79

what’s in the library p. 81

Putting books away-what’s in the library p. 79 Borrow and return books carefully

All readers are responsible for library (20 books to put away)

p. 80

Conferences p. 85


Noise levels

Kind reminder

*Understanding Reading Workshop Procedures p. 81

Be considerate

Move smoothly and quietly

Week 4

Stay Focused on Reading

pp. 88-90

Read the pictures

Read the story

p. 84

Notice details and new things

Reminded of things (connections)

p. 90

Sit side-by-side

Plan ways to read together

p. 91-92

Partners make decisions

Partners solve their own problems

p. 92

Partners talk about their books p. 92
Week 5 Sign contract


Interview office staff-reading identities

Buffer Day

p. 100

Management mini-lesson as needed

Buffer Day    

Can’t beat time in a bookstore with friends June 5, 2009

One of the last events I managed before becoming a house-selling fanatic, was a trip to my favorite book store Cover to Cover with two of my fourth grade colleagues.  Neither had been there before ( I love taking newbies!) and both had some end of the year money to spend on their classroom libraries (Can there be any better type of money to spend?). A combination that can’t be beat in my mind, especially when followed by lunch at Northstar Cafe.  

One of our goals was to find poetry books to boost their classroom library (there are two of the teachers I wrote about in the poetry unit). We picked up:

  • Georgia Heard’s vertical book Falling Down the Page
  • Oh Brother by Nikki Grimes
  • Been to Yesterdays– by Lee Bennett Hopkins
  • Wonderful Words: Poems about Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking by Lee Bennett Hopkins Falling down the page
  • City I Love by Lee Bennett Hopkins
  • A Kick in the Head-An Everyday Guide to Poetic Forms by Paul Janeczko
  • The World’s Greatest Poems by J. Patrick Lewis 
  • Dinothesaurus by Douglas Florian 

Another was to find picture books to supplement their science and social studies topics. I have to say we successfully did both after many fun hours looking through books and exclaiming over finds to each other.  

I also had the privilege of selecting books that will be given to teachers as part of our August Writing Institute.  I’ll include a list of titles I picked up within the next week. 

I’m sitting in my beautiful backyard writing this post, enjoying the things I love most about it back here-dogs sleeping on cool bricks at my feet, luscious red strawberries growing in raised beds, kids swinging high enough to touch the clouds, a breeze blows the leaves of the surrounding trees and woods, music from the televsision show Grey’s Anatomy plays in the background, and a cold beverage drips a ring on the table.   I realize that I have missed the reflective component of blogging over the last couple weeks. It forces me to slow down and think about how the day, week, book, etc. and I haven’t slowed down enough to read or blog since entering house mania. Now that the main preparation sprint is winding down, I hope to be back to blogging almost every day.

Next week holds a curriculum mapping week of planning using Primary Units of Study by Lucy Calkins, Talking, Drawing and Writing by Horn and Giacobbe, and Reading With Meaning by Debbie Miller to plan out next year. Should be pretty fun stuff! Then a couple weeks off before heading to Teachers College (TCRWP) Reading Institute July 6th-10th.


classroom beautiful January 20, 2009

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Check out this lovely kindergarten classroom! So welcoming! 



Reading toolbox January 17, 2009




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Posy-the most beautiful picture book I’ve seen this year! January 3, 2009

posyI found Posy by Linda Newbery and Catherine Rayner when I was CTC yesterday and instantly fell in love with this beautiful picture book!  

She’s a…
whiskers wiper,
crayone swiper,
playful wrangler,
knitting tangler…
Not only did I need a copy, but I gifted one to my friend Carol. I was pleased as punch to be able to find a  gem for her for a change. (Very hard to do! The first book I had selected for Carol for Christmas had to go back and be replaced since it turned out she already had read it!) 
I absolutely love the illustrations by Catherine Rayner. It’s so easy to imagine how soft she would be to pet, her curly whiskers give a little peek to her personality, and she reminds me of all the reasons I convinced my soon-to-be-husband (1996) that I needed not one, but two kittens.
I love the big accessible font that will pull kids into the story. Even the jacket flap is written in a font meant to read by kids. 
kitten Posy
as she
and bounces 
through her 
filled day. 

It’s easy to imagine what you could do with older elementary or intermediate students just using the text.  Each page has an engaging illustration and a two words…


Fall Kindergarten samples October 12, 2008

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