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StoryPeople “Deep Roots” September 1, 2008

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I love StoryPeople. They are a little odd, but have such a deep message that is yet so simple at the same time. 


Deep Roots

When I die,

she said,

I’m coming back

as a tree




and I’ll

wave my

leaves at

the children

every morning

on their way to 

school & whisper tree songs 

at night in

their dreams. Trees with 

deep roots know

about the things

that children need.


This is my favorite of Brian Andreas’s work. I found it in a local store the week after my favorite aunt passed away suddenly last year from a brain aneurysm. Two months before she died she had delivered a toast at her son’s wedding that referred to deep roots and wings. I think I was meant to find this piece of art. I also bought it for my cousin.