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Catching Fire August 19, 2009

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catchingfireCatching Fire is amazing, which is really such a trite word to describe a book that I was ready to start re-reading the second I finished it the first time. I actually had to drive it over to a friend for safe keeping for a couple days so I can get my work done.  I strongly suggest pre-ordering this book and being careful to not read any spoilers! You don’t want to ruin the reading experience.

Suzanne Collins is an amazing author-I didn’t think there was any way I could love Catching Fire as much as I did Hunger Games and be left just as dangling helplessly, waiting, waiting, waiting for more as I was with the first book, but she did it again! I still haven’t stopped raving about Hunger Games to anyone who will listen and now the sequel…Wow!

I’m trying to think of other sequels that I have devoured like this one and there are a few other “series” that come to mind-Harry Potter, Twilight

Catching Fire (and Hunger Games) is the kind of book that when you aren’t even finished reading, you are already planning in your mind how you can get your hands on more (addiction anyone? At least it’s a relatively harmless one!) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets involved being in line at midnight to pick up a pre-order at a party and New Moon involved driving forty minutes one way across rural Michigan to find a store with the book. On the other hand, I spent many hours plotting how I could make my way to Chicago to the IRA convention hall the morning after getting back from Teachers College since I was not going to be able to convince my husband I needed to go to New York again for Book Expo-“Why? You want to know why I need to go back to NYC? When I was just there? Well-it’s because I NEED to get my hands on an advanced review copy of Catching Fire. What is that? Well just a Young Adult book that I am dying to read. Am I nuts? Probably, but still, I could probably drive there and back pretty easily and I’d even take the kids with me. What do you think?”

Want to win a copy? Go on over to Reviewer X’s 2nd give-away of this book.


I’m so excited! Hunger Games 2-Catching Fire!! January 23, 2009

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I have had so many reasons to get excited about books and authors recently! Just today my friend Robin sent me a link to a Publisher’s Weekly article that announces ‘A First Look’ at Hunger Games 2-Catching Fire! I can hardly wait to get my hands on it! I love the online world. 



I’m excited to share some new things I observed from my friend Carol about Lucy Calkins’  Primary Units of Study.  More later!


Update:  January 24th-Check out the Scholastic Blog about Catching Fire and post what scenario you think will take place!