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The Best Ideas are Often Those Borrowed April 23, 2009

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My sixth grade colleagues saw Bill’s (Literate Lives) Grand Conversation signs and information on display at the Dublin Literacy Conference. Travis had already been intrigued by the idea of starting a parent child book club, and Bill’s format helped them launch their own. They had their first Grand Coversation over The Lottery Rose and it was quite the success. There were so many positive comments from parents and the students loved being the “experts” on school. The group started with parents and children together, then split into an adult group with one teacher and a student group with the other teacher. The teachers do a book


 introduction for each group, and the parents had an opportunity to experience being a “sixth grader”, while learning about reading strategies. About a month later, the group reconvened for a book conversation. During part of the second evening, parents were randomly mixed with other students. The parents were

 overwhelming amazed by how much their child was able to take away from the book, as well as how much deeper their child’s comprehension was through conversation.   

Their next club event is The Mysterious Benedict Society in May! I know I’m looking forward to reading it, as I haven’t had a chance to do so yet and book 3 (The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner’s Dilemma) in the series comes out in October! I’m thinking this one might be a good audiobook for the car.