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Building School Community-one witch at a time November 9, 2008

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Halloween Read aloud October 6, 2008

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One of my favorite October read-alouds is Monster Ring by Bruce Coville.  It’s not a new book, it’s been out for 25 years, but is great! The main character, Russell, ends up with a magic ring (The book is part of the Magic Shop series books by Coville) that comes with directions that warn of its powers. Not only does Russell have a problem with being the owner of a magic ring, more importantly he has a problem with bullying at school, which is what led to the ring in the first place. Russell also has parents that don’t listen to him very well, but through the drama of being turned into a monster several times, Russell is able to solve the bully problem, his home problem and his magic problem. Most kids relate strongly to Russell’s character and how he is able to handle his bully. As a class we’ve always been able to have a good conversation about bullying while reading this book.

Every year I have read this book, the students hang on every word and can hardly wait until I will read more. For some reluctant readers, I’ve found this book will be a springboard into reading other Coville books! Check out the author’s website.

I have seen it with two different covers so both are pictured.


Goodnight Goon! A Petrifying Parody September 30, 2008

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Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown was one of my children’s all time favorite books to have read to them when they were little. I have to admit, I liked it almost as much as they did and can still recite the thing from memory! We also loved the sequel to Goodnight Moon, My World. There’s just something about that little bunny!

I was really tickled to find Goodnight Goon at Cover to Cover when I was there last week with the Central Ohio KidLit Bloggers. Not only do the words parody the original story, but the illustrations do as well.

“In the cold gray tomb

There was a gravestone

And a black lagoon

And a picture of__”

Instead of a cute little bunny in his bed with his watchful mother nearby, there is a little werewolf tucked in his bed with his daddy werewolf making a voodoo doll nearby. I can just imagine the fun I am going to have reading this aloud, not just to my children, but to all the classes I come in contact with over the upcoming month! I think children will love examining all the details in the illustrations and that this “petrifying parody” will inspire a lot of readers to go dust off their old copy of Goodnight Moon and read it with a whole new appreciation!