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What’s Up with the new American Girl? September 30, 2009

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I’ve always like the American Girl Doll books as a stepping stone into historical fiction for middle age readers. Colonial Times, The Great Depression, World War II-all introduced through the eyes of a kid their own age.

On the other hand, I really can’t imagine what American Girl/Mattel was thinking when they created the new $95 Homeless Girl doll-Gwen. While she is not the new Historical Character or the Girl of the Year, Gwen is the friend of Chrissa-the 2009 Girl of the Year and is included in the story line and available for purchase.

One legitimate complaint many news articles have cited is that none of the profit of the American Girl Homeless Doll go to help organizations that aid homelessness.

I guess I’m glad that my daughter has outgrown the fascination with American Girl so that homelessness doesn’t get discussed in the context of expensive toys and books.