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Book Reviews Young Adult Tear Jerkers: Thirteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher; if I stay by Gayle Forman December 2, 2009

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Thirteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher is an amazing book.

The cover-brilliant.

The content-devastating.

The intertwined stories of Hannah Baker and Clay Jenkins narrate the events of the book. Her voice tells the stories of what led her to take her own life. His tells what happens as he listens to the 13 tapes/stories that all led to her decision.

Clay’s story begins with the arrival of a box of audio cassette tapes. After figuring out how to listen to them, he learns the tapes are from his crush, Hannah Baker, who has just recently killed herself.

Gossip, rumors, backstabbing, sexual harassment, friendship, being let down by peers and adults-it’s all there-and more…

The cover is what originally grabbed my attention when I first saw the book a couple years ago. The inside flap let me know enough that I knew it was not a happy book. Still, I kept coming back to it in my TBR pile. Once I started, WOW!, I could not put it down.

if I stay by gayle forman is also an amazing book. The author had me on the first paragraph:

“Everyone thinks it was because of the snow. And in a way, I suppose that’s true.” (p. 3)

Mia, an extremely gifted high school cellist, is agonizing about leaving to go to Julliard. She is, in some ways, an anomaly. Her parents were young rockers when she was born. Mia’s boyfriend is also a member of a rock band that travels to the bigger cities to perform. Yet she dreams in classical music.

Beethoven’s Cello Sonata no. 3 plays on from the wreckage of the car. The jacket flap describes the book as, “heartachingly beautiful book about the power of love, the true meaning of family, and the choices we all make.” Just reading those words is enough to bring back the tears.

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