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Happy Birthday Jean Fritz! November 16, 2010

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Today Jean Fritz turns 95 years old! That is pretty darn amazing, as is her career as a children book’s author. By my count, her newest book in January 2011 will be here 44th book!

Born in 1915 in China to American missionary parents, Jean Fritz spent her first thirteen years living abroad. Having read her The Cabin Faced West as a child, as well as her Homesick: My Own Story, when I became a teacher and discovered her first couple of biographies, I was thrilled. I could hardly wait to share Why Don’t You Get a Horse Sam Adams with my students when it came out in 1996. While never successfully getting one of my students to embrace biography like I had as a child (read every biography in the public or school library), I was happy to have her great works to share with my students.


Happy Birthday Jean! I loved meeting you while I was finishing up my master’s degree in Children’s Literature. Thank you for the wonderful books you have given this world.

There’s a great article over at Publisher’s Weekly