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Just Right books September 6, 2010

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I love, love, love when something I know to be true comes out of one of children’s mouths-not from me, but from repeating something they learned at school.

I wish I’d had a video camera to capture this moment.

Simon-“Mom, can you help me find a just right book? It’s really important to my teacher that I read just right books. She complemented me for picking a just right book at school.”

Me-“Sure Simon. What book did you pick at school.”

S-“It was a Geronimo Stilton, but it might be a little too easy for me.”

Me-“Simon, I’m so proud of you. Knowing how to pick a just right book is an important skill. Even if Geronimo feels a little bit easy for you, you can still get better as a reader by reading it and others in the series.”

S-“Okay. What should I pick tonight?”

Me-“Let’s take a look (going through his book shelf with him, pulling books and sorting them into piles). Would you like me to get some books from my study that I think you would be interested in?”

S-“Sure. Wow! Look at all these books I can pick from. Which one do you think I should start first?”

(We talk through pros of each book). He then decides he needs his older sister’s advice to decide for sure.

S-“Maggie can you help me find a book to read?”
Maggie-“Sure. Do you have some picked out?”

He shows her the pile. They sit on his bed together and sort through and put them in a pile. He starts to put the others away on his shelf when Maggie stops him. “No Simon, don’t put them away. You need to have a stack next to your bed so that you always know what you are going to read next.”

Thank you Mrs. Krebehenne!

Thank you Mr. Morris!

You are helping my kids be readers for life and I can’t thank you enough!