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Kindergarten Author Study Eric Carle January 17, 2009

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img_13442Parent Project as part of Eric Carle author study. Done in two phases in small groups with parent volunteer while teacher did small group reading. Tissue paper and watery glue to make the caterpillar body.


Authentic Learning-Book Bistro-book talk at its best! October 26, 2008

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Several years ago I found this idea in a Booklinks magazine and modified it to use in my classroom. Imagine my pleasure to have my fourth grade daughter bring home an invitation to participate with her class in a very similar Book Bistro. I’ve added pictures from the event, but they don’t really do it justice.

Imagine an adult book club-ususally a small group of people, chatting (and eating or drinking) about a book they have read or are reading. It might be the same book, or it might be different books. Usually it is a relaxed time and the participants leave feeling energized and maybe with a new title or two jotted down for future reading.

That’s what the Book Bistro is for us. Instead of a contrived oral book report, students gather in small groups with a volunteer adult and talk about their independent reading book. The adult brings a book to share as well-maybe it’s one they are reading, or an all-time favorite. Students see that reading and talking about their reading is a life-long skill.

The students have had lots of modeled book talks by teachers, librarian, and parents so it is comfortable for them to follow that same format. The parents have a little rubric the teacher has talked them through ahead of time-it really just helps keep the conversation flowing as some parents are more comfortable asking authentic questions or helping dialogue flow than others.
We finish with snacks and usually kids walk around to other groups to see what else they might want to know more about.

A great activity that I can’t recommend enough. Thank you Laura and Susan!!