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New Picture Book by Lois Lowry September 26, 2009

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I was so excited to see a picture book by Lois Lowry this evening.  crow callCrow Calls is a beautiful story illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline and tell’s Lowry’s own story from her childhood.

Crow Calls takes place when Lois was a young girl, a big outing with her father has just returned from a long absence away during World War II is heart-warming. The illustrations are perfect for the mood and tone of the book, as well as the hunting season.  A photo of Lois Lowry as a child in the plaid, hunting shirt highlights Ibatoulline’s artistic talent.

I can hardly wait to share this book with my colleagues and their students next week. A perfect complement to our personal narrative work we’ve been doing!

If you check out Lois Lowry’s blog you can see everyday life for her, along with beautiful photographs.


Units of Study: personal narrative unit 1 October 18, 2008

The fourth and fifth grade teachers have finished, or are just finishing Unit 1 of Units of Study-the personal narrative. We will be refining our shared rubric and talking about common expectations that need to be verified for next year or modified. More on this early next week. They are all hoping to have their publication celebration by Nov. 1. I got some great photos of one class that I will also post a few of. The kids were SO excited. All that hard work by teachers and students pay off!


StoryPeople “Deep Roots” September 1, 2008

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I love StoryPeople. They are a little odd, but have such a deep message that is yet so simple at the same time. 


Deep Roots

When I die,

she said,

I’m coming back

as a tree




and I’ll

wave my

leaves at

the children

every morning

on their way to 

school & whisper tree songs 

at night in

their dreams. Trees with 

deep roots know

about the things

that children need.


This is my favorite of Brian Andreas’s work. I found it in a local store the week after my favorite aunt passed away suddenly last year from a brain aneurysm. Two months before she died she had delivered a toast at her son’s wedding that referred to deep roots and wings. I think I was meant to find this piece of art. I also bought it for my cousin.