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A New Type of Book-Skeleton Creek January 11, 2009

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Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carmen is an exciting new combination of book and video. I had agreed to read and review it before I knew it was a ghost story. That presented a big problem for me—I HATE scary stories or movies of any kinds.  Despite having agreed to read it, there it sat-scary ghost story that might give me nightmares. 

I reminded myself that I used to swear I hated all vampire books, but Twilight had certainly made me change my tune about that! So with trepidation, I started reading this afternoon so I wouldn’t have to watch any of the videos close to dark (super chicken-bawk, bawk)!

The book did scare me, but with that said, I am a GIANT chicken (I watched some of the video snippets from behind my fingers and ready to click off at any second) AND I can hardly wait to read what will have to be part two!

As tech savvy as many young people are, I think it will be a great way to pull in even more reluctant readers! I also think our traditional book lovers will enjoy the new format and combination of print and media. A Year of Reading‘s review makes a great point about how many reluctant readers struggle with stamina and how the videos interspersed throughout might provide them with a needed break.  

Here is the book trailer from Scholastic and then a little snippet with the author.

I received an advanced review copy in the mail (how exciting!) this week along with the following letter:
This just in…
The Skeleton Creek experience has begun.
On Feb. 10th a new kind of ghost story from Patrick Carmen will arrive. Skeleton Creek will be the first book to integrate video footage throughout the story. As the ghost story unfolds Ryan writes his experience in a journal (the book) while his best friend Sarah video tapes the ghostly occurrences in their haunted home town (9 videos, interspersed in the book about every 30 pages, accessed online with passwords provided by Ryan-over an hour of video). A book and a movie at the same time, Skeleton Creek is a totally new reading experience we want to share with our wired readers.

A book where the ghost story can be read and watched is cool enough, but what if the story behind the book were real? What if the book and videos were based on events that actually happened? That’s the question asks, a question that will blur the lines between fact and fiction and pull readers even deeper into the haunted ghost town of Skeleton Creek.

Once you see this material, you’re going to wonder for yourself: could Skeleton Creek be real?

Join the experience, follow the story as it unfolds online, and see for yourself as we await the groundbreaking release of Skeleton Creek on February 10th!”

Scholastic sure has gotten clever in some of their new book ventures. Between this book and 39 Clues, I think they will be able to hook a whole new set of future readers.