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Madam President by Lane Smith August 16, 2008

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As the school year approaches for my district and we start thinking past the first weeks of school, the upcoming presidential election will not be forgotten. Madam President by Lane Smith was the first new book that I happened to see out this summer that fell into the theme of the upcoming election. On my shopping spree (see yesterday’s post) I did find several others, all of which are guaranteed to help teachers navigate the political world. I really enjoy Lane Smith’s work and have found that my students are captivated by his illustrations. I had purchased Big Plans by Bob Shea and Lane Smith earlier this summer and have had fun figuring out when it would be the perfect time to start uttering “Big Plans!” to my colleagues.

The school-aged female main character goes about her day dealing with presidential matters in a way that will both educate and entertain readers. A nice blend of tongue-in-cheek humor (vetoing the tuna casserole) and facts (state funerals to attend) about the president’s job, a teacher could really have a lot of fun using this witty picture book in their classroom to talk about the job of the president. I love how every person (and animal) the president encounters is left with a little American flag!

A great read aloud with lots in the illustrations to entertain and educate.

Check out Lane Smith’s website for more fun where Ye Old Ben’s quote of the day is

 “There are no FOOLS as troublesome as those that have WIT.”


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